Life Coach ~ Intuitive ~ Spiritual Mentor

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Uncover who you really are beyond your social roles and beneath the conditioning and programming of life.

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Identify what you truly and deeply desire and create it in your life.

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Learn how to follow the calling of your Soul and take inspired and purposeful action.

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Confidently express your uniqueness and creativity.

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Embrace all your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and understand their importance for developing you at Soul level.

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Hello my name is Rachael and I am the owner of Spiritually Guided. 


Spiritually Guided Life Coaching was born from my passion for helping people find a way of life that fits for them, tapping into a higher power to show you the way as well as using your own internal resources and strength to help you see the world differently. 

I created a unique form of coaching bringing together my connection with Spirit, my background as a life and career coach and my experience as an NLP practitioner.

My style of coaching is not the traditional transactional coaching you might find elsewhere. I focus on a deeper transformation, creating a shift in your being so that you can experience a sense of freedom and peace in your life like never before.

Creating this shift is about holding space for you to build a relationship with yourself, to see who exists beyond your social roles and beneath the layers of conditioning and programming that life has shaped you with so far. I help you learn how to value yourself, honour your needs and desires and make values-led decisions so that you can shape your life around what matters to you. 

I also offer the following additional services (subject to availability)...


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