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If you're ready to stretch and strengthen your intuitive muscles and kick start your relationship with Spirit, join me and other like-minded souls on my 4 Week Intuition Immersion Course. 

Next course start date: September 2021 (exact date TBC)

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In 4 weeks, you will...

See the world and your potential within it completely differently.

Live life feeling like something wonderful is always about to happen.

Find a sense of peace and freedom like never before.

Feel lighter and more connected to yourself and the Universe.

Face life’s obstacles with new perspective and understanding.

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Week 1: Awaken

Awaken your intuitive senses and lay the foundations to build a relationship with Spirit. Learn the art of BEING instead of doing. Experience the beauty of truly being present in your body and in the moment, to set yourself up to receive guidance. Connect with your own Soul in order to establish a relationship with Spirit and clearly define the energy of the messages you receive from Spirit. 

Week 2: Tune in

Take a deep dive into the intuitive senses and begin to stretch and strengthen your intuitive muscles. Knowing that the key to working your muscles is to start small, together we will explore fun and creative ways to build your relationship with Spirit and clearly decipher the difference between Spirit and ego, and intuitive guidance and fear. 

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Week 3: Trust & Surrender

Learn to be guided by your intuitive downloads and trust that Spirit has your back. We'll explore the top 3 things you need to do to let guidance from Spirit flow through you: 1) surrender, 2) allowing and 3) receiving.

Clear the path of old ways of thinking, old ways of being, beliefs that do not serve you. Unlearn what you think you know and clear your expectations, to learn the truth of YOUR connection to Spirit. 

Week 4: Integrate

Move forward in alignment with the natural rhythm of the universe, living in a state of trust and surrender in order to be guided towards what is for your greatest and highest good. Receive ongoing mentoring and coaching inside The Spiritual Growth Circle. 

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Your Investment

  • Four 90 minute group coaching and development sessions ~ worth £360

  • 3 months free membership to The Spiritual Growth Circle where you'll receive ongoing mentoring from me and peer support from other like-minded souls ~ worth £81

Total Value = £461

Early bird price  = £333.00

Place a £50 deposit to secure your place. Complete the form to register and a payment request will be sent to you.