Pet Readings

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A reading is a great way to understand what is going on in your pet's world, or to connect with a pet in spirit. 

You may choose to have a pet reading to explore a particular situation such as a new behavioural issue or habit, to explore the cause and uncover solutions, or simply to check in on your pet's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. A pet reading can be full of fun and laughter and brighten up your day!


If your pet is coming towards the end of its life, a reading can help me to communicate to you the pets needs and wants during this time. You can understand if your pet is comfortable, how they are feeling, what they want more of or less of and when the time is right for them to let go, and to help you if you are needed to make that decision. 


If your pet is in spirit, a reading can provide much needed comfort to know they are still around you and part of your life. It has been revealed a few times that pets in spirit have reincarnated as the new family pet (or with another family), or that the pet IS a reincarnation of a family member who wanted to watch over their loved ones in a very creative way. These readings never cease to amaze me!

I require a clear picture of your pet  to connect with their energy and conduct the reading. I often spend 1-2 hours sat with this image, receiving a range of images, physical and emotional feelings and sensations in my body, tastes, smells, words and phrases which I then translate into human language to share with you as the pet owner to help you understand what is going on in their world. 

I am an Animal Communicator, which means I am not just having a one-way conversation with your pet, I will ask questions and make enquiries about what this pet is trying to show me and to find out what they most need and want. I hope to develop this to begin helping pets that are lost or stolen - this is an area I am currently working on. 

I will send your pet's reading through via email. within 48 hours*

*subject to availability.

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