10 Signs You're Having a Spiritual Awakening

An awakening stirs up some deep questions in you about the fundamentals of life.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

How do I fit into this world?

Where am I going?

You develop an awareness of the illusions in the world and crave something more authentic, something deeper and more fulfilling.

Your values and priorities begin to shift towards more spiritual principles.

You start focusing more on your inner world and seek to understand yourself better.

You feel an urge to heal the past in order to make space for the future.

You begin to feel like less of a victim of life and understand there’s a higher force at play working FOR you. You also realise you play a key role in creating the life you want and become more accountable for how you live and what you do.

You feel an urge to do things differently, things that go against societal norms but ultimately give you more freedom and peace.

You may also go through a prolonged period of craving solitude, to the point where friendships and relationships fall away, which can be scary and lonely at the time.

You seek knowledge and begin to explore a range of resources to find the answers. This can sometimes turn into an insatiable hunger for information and wisdom. You can also begin to unknowingly attract various spiritual teachers and mentors into your life.

You begin to notice patterns and synchronicities and realise the Universe is communicating with you. You may notice the presence of Spirit, seeing shadows moving out of the corner of your eye, or flashes of light. How many did you recognise in yourself?