A common misconception about spiritual development...

Updated: Jun 28

As I was pondering over this quote today, I was reminded of a question someone asked me a while ago, "What if I do this {coaching} and feel wonderful, then 6 months later I feel rubbish again?" I LOVED being asked this question, because it allowed me to address a common misconception about self-development and growth. Any self-development you do is not THE ultimate answer/solution to all of your life's problems. It doesn't take you to your final destination. It takes you on a journey to shed layers of yourself, layers that are old and no longer serve you, to reveal what's underneath - a deeper truth of yourself that you've not had access to before. Then, you explore this deeper truth, you integrate it and you come full circle and start the process all over again. Sometimes this process involves coming back to problems that you thought you'd tackled before. It can feel incredibly frustrating and some people punish themselves believing they didn't handle it properly the first time around. It's somehow a personal failure because they are not "over it". Only a layer of that problem was shed before. Shedding that layer allowed new insights and perception to emerge, and created a fundamental shift in your being that needed to happen for you to come back as an evolved version of yourself to face and shed the next layer.

Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

Rachael Machin

Life Coach ~ Intuitive ~ Spiritual Mentor

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