Are you having a Spiritual Awakening?

Are you familiar with the term “spiritual awakening”?

I felt guided to talk about this because I know there are people going through this right now, and more and more people out there will go through this in the coming years, because the world is shifting and the shift starts within.

My spiritual awakening happened like a lightning bolt. In the space of 1 year life as I knew it was never the same again. Although it felt like it happened all at once, I suspect the earlier stages of my spiritual awakening were happening long before.

In just 12 months the Universe peeled away my layers to help me see who I really was at my core. Spirit moved things out of the way that no longer served me, and pushed me to face every part of me that was holding me back from living as my true self.

Sounds amazing, right?!


It was not fun. It was horrendous. I can’t believe I made it through, however, looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not going crazy, I promise.

Let me walk you through what a spiritual awakening is and why it happens.

First of all, the “spiritual” aspect of an awakening is defined as “a quality of being beyond the physical or material domain of existence”. I am talking about the unseen and all that lies beyond our human limitations.

Also called “enlightenment”, a spiritual awakening is just that - an awakening, to the reality beyond ourselves, beyond ego which is our sense of self, the part of us that believes it is in charge. Ego seeks to fulfil desires from things in our external world. Ego is what makes us feel separate from everything and everyone else. There is another part of us, Spirit, that we awaken to. Spirit is our higher self, our true self, the divine, the essence of life, our direct link to the Universe. I’m not sure it can even be described and understood in words alone.

In this process of awakening to Spirit you’ll notice a lot of changes. Here are some of the signs that indicate you might be going through a spiritual awakening:

  • An awakening stirs up some deep questions in you about the fundamentals of life. You begin to question everything - patterns, behaviours, the way you think, the way you feel, the way the world is and how people behave in it.

  • You have a greater awareness of the lies and illusions of the world and crave something more authentic, something deeper, more fulfilling and you seek a sense of wholeness.

  • You become aware of a niggling discomfort or deep dissatisfaction about certain areas of your life and make steps towards purging what is no longer useful.

  • Your values and priorities begin to shift towards more spiritual principles.

  • You start focusing more on your inner world and seek to understand yourself better.

  • You feel an urge to heal the past in order to make space for the future.

  • You begin to feel like less of a victim of life and understand there’s a higher force at play working FOR you. You also realise you play a key role in creating the life you want and become more accountable for how you live and what you do.

  • You feel an urge to do things differently, choosing to do things that go against societal norms but ultimately give you more of a sense of choice and freedom.

  • You seek knowledge and begin to explore a range of resources to find the answers. This can sometimes turn into an insatiable hunger for information and wisdom. You can also begin to unknowingly attract various spiritual teachers and mentors into your life.

  • You become more sensitive to the energy of others. You often don’t realise this is the case at the time and wonder why you can’t spend a couple of hours with others without feeling utterly exhausted.

  • You may also go through a prolonged period of craving solitude, to the point where friendships and relationships fall away, which can be scary and lonely at the time.

There are many more signs and some may feel uniquely individual to you.

A spiritual awakening can happen anytime and can be triggered by major life changes such as tragedies, loss and other significant emotional events. It can also happen for no other reason than it is time for your Soul to transform.

A spiritual awakening becomes a life long journey. Whilst you have free will to decide what you want that to look like, there’s no going back to how things were because you’ll never look at the world the same way again.

A spiritual awakening is full of shock, pain, discomfort but also joy, love and light. It can feel like life is ripping you apart or turning you inside out, but it’s also full of positive discovery and empowerment.

My passion as a Spiritually Guided Life Coach is helping people go within, discover themselves and find a way of life that fits for them. I show people how to set themselves free from the unrealistic expectations and “shoulds” of society and to find happiness and peace on their terms, regardless of what’s going on in the world

I do this work with Spirit as my guide, who knows what is for your greatest and highest good and what you need to hear in order to go a step beyond yourself and discover what’s true for you.

If you are feeling discontent, frustrated, lost, confused, dissatisfied with life and craving deep and lasting positive change, then reach out for a conversation about Spiritually Guided Life Coaching.


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