Embrace your magic!

I recently came across a post in a Facebook group from a woman who shared that she'd been told by mediums that she was a powerful medium but was confused because she hadn't had any experiences with Spirit.

I clicked to follow her post because I wanted to see what responses she received. It wasn't so much the content of people's responses I was interested in seeing, but rather the views or beliefs they were going to share and how they shared them...

There were people who said that she absolutely is a medium, because we all are, and others who said that some people are only psychic and that you're not automatically both. It was interesting to watch this unfold, because some of these responses were from people who had learnt the "rules" from others.

Sadly, there are gurus out there who claim to have all the answers. It has been my own experience working with some spiritual mentors that there are so many rules in the spiritual world and it did nothing but stunt my development and create a sense of disappointment within myself when it didn't work the way I was told it was meant to, despite following the rules.

But who actually knows the ultimate truth?


Nobody knows the ultimate truth, but we know OUR truth.

The passion that drives my work is for people to honour their own experiences and inner knowing.

So rather than listening to gurus who claim to have all the answers - tune into, listen and honour your own.

One of the biggest obstacles to settling into the spiritual path was finally accepting that only I know what is true for me. Only I know what my connection to Spirit feels like and how I communicate with Spirit. Once that happened, that's when the real magic started!

Take guidance and inspiration from others who have walked the path before you, but hold that information lightly not tightly.

Go find YOUR magic!

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