How to trust life

Updated: Jul 22

During our time as humans on this earth, we do not have the privilege of being all-knowing. We can never say with absolute certainty that something is going to happen, nor can we say with absolute certainty that something that did happen is bad or good. What I mean by that, is we never really know with certainty that something that is happening is or isn’t for our greatest and highest good.

Even the most wonderful of life events, could turn out to be the worst thing for you. And something horrible that you spend time and energy feeling quite resentful about because you think it shouldn’t be happening, in hindsight could turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to you.

It might sound like I’m saying we don’t have control over what’s happening, and we don’t know anything, so we’re powerless, but that’s not true. We have the power of choice. We have the choice of whether we let life happen TO us, or whether we let life happen FOR us. You have to make that choice.

You could simply choose today that everything that happens is for your highest good – that is all has a higher purpose that we simply cannot see. If you can keep the faith during a challenging time and believe that whatever is occurring will ultimately become a gift, you can really thrive.

Either way, life is going to continue to show up in the many wonderful ways that it does, so the best choice here is to accept what shows up. This way, you can stop fighting with life and go more into a mindset of discovery. When you experience the world this way, it can bring you a real sense of peace.

It means that instead of channelling all your energy into worrying about “what’s next”, “what if this”, “what if that”, “this is bad”, “why does life do this to me?” – you can channel that energy into enjoying life, having fun and incorporating playfulness into your life.

When times are tough, remind yourself that you do in fact have the choice here. The choice to choose trust and faith.

Sometimes during my Spiritually Guided Life Coaching sessions, Spirit indicates to me that there is an issue of trust and faith in someone’s life. That someone is travelling down a road without it and it means they are not fully participating in life because their energy is elsewhere. When this happens, it’s my role to bring this person back to the choice point and turn it around and choose trust and faith. I help them to find the gift in every challenging situation. Sometimes it’s a case of saying “ok I may not understand this, and it may take time before I find the gift, but I am choosing trust and faith.”

When you look back at your most difficult situations, you often see they were your greatest blessings or that from them you received your greatest inspirations. There is order beyond what we can see, and we have to put our trust and faith in that. Everything is unfolding perfectly, and we must accept the perfection of it. We must accept that we are not all-knowing, that our perspective is limited in this human experience and believe that what shows up in our life is absolutely perfect. Whatever is showing up is just exactly what is supposed to be there.

If you are struggling with trusting life and having faith about past or present life events, book a call with me to discuss how Spiritually Guided Life Coaching can support your journey, to bring you back to a place of trust and faith and allow you to see the world differently.


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