The Benefit of Preventative Self-Care

You know those times when things have really taken a hold, when everything feels overwhelming, you’re foggy headed, there’s no clarity in your thinking, your body feels heavy, even forming a sentence feels like climbing Mount Everest. This is your mind, body and spirit yelling STOP! You’ve gone way past the point of just feeling a little bit stressed.

The only benefit of reaching that state is to remind you of the importance of PREVENTATIVE self-care. Self-care isn’t for only when you hit the wall, it’s part of maintaining a balanced way of being.

Sometimes the idea of self-care feels like a chore, but self-care doesn't have to be about adding anything to your life. (After all, adding something else to your ever-expanding to do list can be quite overwhelming!)

Self-care can be about eliminating or letting go of things too, for example:

  • decluttering physical spaces.

  • decluttering your mind through journaling.

  • saying no to things that are weighing you down.

  • releasing any energetic loose ends you have (e.g. letting go of the need to punish yourself because you started something 2 years ago and haven’t finished it - if you don't want to do it - let it go!)

Self-care doesn’t have to cost anything or even be an activity in itself. Self-care can just be about BEING not doing. For example:

  • breathing exercises are a great form of self-care. Minimal effort, zero cost, takes no time at all.

  • laying in a sun puddle on the living room floor with the dog. Bliss!

I invite you to consider what preventative self-care you can incorporate into your life.

Find your thing.

Take care of yourself in a way that’s right for you.

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