What is intuition?

Updated: Jun 28

“A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”

I’m sure you can think of several occasions in your life when you just knew something wasn’t right. Something felt off.

On the flip side, you may remember times when you’ve made a decision about something without hesitation, because you just knew it was the right thing to do, or the right path to take. Or, you’ve suddenly had a flash of inspiration and you just go with it.

Often we dismiss these feelings as insignificant or meaningless, after all most of us have been brought up in a ‘see it to believe it’ way and we believe decisions should be made with logic and rational thinking.

We are quite uncomfortable about making decisions using our intuition through fear of judgement, especially if it’s something that’s not considered the norm by society and culture. We feel we have to be able to explain ourselves or back it up with data and facts.

In my experience, you can have even the most accurate data or facts in front of you and still something doesn’t feel right. That is your intuition nudging you to say “it looks good on paper, but this isn’t the path for us”.

Your intuition is a part of you. It knows what is for your greatest and highest good, but the big ask for us is having complete trust and faith in the unseen and the unknown. (More on trust and faith another time).

The key to start working with your intuition is to start small. I don’t recommend making big life choices if you don’t have a solid and trusting relationship with your intuition yet. You have to build up the trust, it’s a process and one that is important to experience.

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