When You Ignore Your Intuition

Updated: Jun 28

Ok, hands up, who has ignored their intuition then regretted it deeply?

I know I have.

More than once.

I remember when I vowed never to ignore it again. Yet I’ve still done it since.

The thing is, we are Spirit in human form. We have our human ego to contend with and sometimes it shouts just that little bit louder than our intuition and sometimes fear and intuition can be confused.

Having vowed never to ignore my intuitive guidance again, when I came to do it the next time, I found myself punishing myself. Having reflected on this a lot recently, I considered there might be some purpose in bypassing our intuition on occasion; that somehow your decision and the resulting consequences were a gift to your soul.

This is where the power of perspective comes in as well as maintaining trust and faith that Spirit is always taking you where you need to go, even if you take a little detour along the way.

When you find yourself judging a decision you’ve made and feel frustrated because you knew your intuition was telling you not to do something, get out of the details for a moment and take a helicopter view of the situation.

Flying above the situation you’ll see the benefit of you having ignored your intuition on this occasion. You’ll notice how your soul has grown and evolved as a result of the challenges that came out of ignoring your inner guidance.

There are no hard and fast rules for how the Universe works. We are not privileged to be all-knowing beings anyway. We just have to play the game, trusting that everything is moving in the way it should be, for our greatest and highest good.

It’s of huge benefit to build a relationship with your intuition and use it to guide you, but the key is non-attachment, and trust

Whatever happens, it will only ever change you for the better.

Whatever happens, Spirit always has your back.

Helping people listen to and honour their intuition is my personal passion.

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