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The Spiritual Growth Circle brings together people who feel lost or lonely on their spiritual path to a safe and supportive community, where you can receive ongoing coaching and mentoring, share experiences, find inspiration and grow. 

This path we have been guided to take can sometimes feel quite tricky and can most certainly feel daunting and lonely. 


At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I felt like I was going mad. Unbeknown to me, I was going through a full blown spiritual awakening which involves a complete breakdown of your ego self and a shedding of layers created by everything you thought to be true about the world, and of yourself. It left me no longer understanding who I was, or how I fit into the world.

I was tormented with deep soul-level questions about life and its purpose and sought the answers in spiritual mentors and development groups, but I never really found my tribe. Finding the right mentor or spiritual community is vital because this journey is about stepping into the arena vulnerable and exposed. You have to know that your community has your back and will support and encourage you in a kind, gentle, respectful and empathetic way.

What also happens on the spiritual development journey is you don't always know the "how" of the next step. You can seek out the "how" in online courses and following other people's processes and rules, but in the process of doing that you can forget to be authentic to YOURSELF. Your spiritual path is your own. How you grow, how you develop, how your relationship with Spirit flourishes is uniquely individual to you, so by concentrating on "following the rules" you can miss out on building the beautiful relationship with Spirit that you're meant to, in the way that's right for YOU.

I am deeply passionate about creating this safe community where you can honour all that is unfolding for you and build your trusting relationship with Spirit in a way that is right for you. I am here as your Spiritual and Mentor and Guide, but I am not here to dictate a set of rules, I am here to facilitate the unfolding of yours.

In this space, you can feel safe to develop, safe to express your uniquely individual spiritual personality, and feel safe to receive and give support to others.

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Building this community will bring together people who feel lost and lonely on their spiritual path. We are stronger together! We have all been guided to take this path by Spirit in order to serve the world and live out our Soul's mission. By coming together as friends, we can create so much good in the world and inspire and help others to awaken to all that exists beyond the physical world and beyond our human limitations.

Why You Should Join Me

  • Receive ongoing spiritual mentoring and guidance from the Spiritual Growth circle leader. 

  • Share space with and receive valuable peer support from other expanding Souls.

  • Delve into a range of topics to help you grow: Incorporating Spirit into your life, enhancing your intuition, using oracle cards, connecting with your Spirit Guides etc.

  • Attend workshops and development sessions to help you grow and evolve in a way that's right for you.

  • Receive a 10% discount on all my 1:1 services.

  • Have a calm haven away from the noise and clutter of every day social media.

Your Spiritual Growth Circle membership includes:

  • Ongoing spiritual mentoring and coaching

  • Weekly readings

  • Monthly workshops

  • Regular practice groups

A Big Thanks


I’ve been answering lots of questions about The Spiritual Growth Circle from people who are curious about whether to take the leap and join this community to travel the pathless path of spirituality with likeminded beings. 

Here’s some of the commonly asked questions:

“I feel like I'm just a beginner, is this right for me?”
Yes, absolutely. The Spiritual Growth Circle is designed with you in mind, because at the beginning of this journey you will need the most support, reassurance and compassion and kindness.

Wherever you are right now is perfect. Show up as you are.

The spiritual path is not a linear process and is uniquely individual to you. It will unfold in the way that’s right for you, at the pace that’s right for you. The Spiritual Growth Circle allows you to let it unfold in a safe space, where you can freely express what’s showing up for you and be supported by a qualified Spiritual Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner, and trusted peers.

“Why have you chosen to do this away from Facebook?”
So I can serve you better. The Spiritual Growth Circle has its own phone app; it’s like it has its own Facebook away from Facebook. It’s a space dedicated to our circle and community only and is not disturbed by the noise, clutter and negativity of every day social media. It’s a calm spiritual haven where you can come to focus on YOU.

“How many people are you aiming to have in the community?”
The intention was never to make this huge. I want to be able to provide ongoing spiritual coaching and mentoring to everyone in the group and so keeping it small to medium size is going to be key. It’s not about volume, it’s about quality relationships and a quality experience.

“What’s included in the membership?”
You will receive ongoing spiritual coaching and mentoring from me, so whenever you find yourself bumping up against something, such as mindset obstacles or fear and doubt, I am qualified to coach you through those moments and support your ongoing journey.


  • Each week, I am doing a reading for each circle member.

  • Each month I’ll be holding a workshop on a topic chosen by the circle members.

  • We’ll also be getting together for regular practice groups to help you apply what you’re learning and practise in a safe and supportive space.

All of this is worth around £300/month!

“What happens inside the circle?”
The community has a ton of information on a whole range of topics and is your one-stop-shop for all things spiritual and personal development related – information, articles, worksheets, videos, resources plus mine and other people’s experiences. You can access information and resources anytime in the app, as well as post about your experiences, ask questions and connect with other members.

I can't wait to serve you in this space and help you move forward in a safe and supported way. 

Ping me an email if you have any questions. No question is too big or small.